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Mastering the Dallas Screenwriters Association – 2011 Short Film Showcase

by IEBA on Nov.15, 2011, under NEWS BITS

What does it take to master 11 DVD’s, 4 WMVs, and 3 .mov’s onto one disc? Not a lot. But it does take a thorough of understanding what goes into mastering a DVD and what the shortest distance is between Source and Delivery.

The Dallas Screenwriters Association had gathered more than 12 movies for it’s 2011 Showcase. Add to this some PSA’s and some new media created specifically for this program, and you have the makings for a special challenge. But there’s a way around this potentially tricky multiformat maze that enabled the finished DVD to be delivered in just a couple days- and that includes delays for work on other projects, and the need to create a few new media bits. (continue reading…)

Covering WFX For EventDV

by IEBA on Nov.10, 2011, under NEWS BITS

Anthony on the WFX show floorTwo days on the show floor conducting interviews & product shots for a video that will be on EventDV Live. Lots of big vendors and cutting edge technology around every corner. I interviewed Teradek, Blackmagic Design, Haivision, Stream Monkey, Panasonic, ZiXi, Rushworks, and more. (continue reading…)

Documenting Radio History

by IEBA on Oct.11, 2011, under NEWS BITS

Anthony was called in to document a very special event where two of the three inventors of the most used mode of amateur radio today were to talk about the invention of Single Sideband Radio at the October meeting of the Richardson Wireless Club. It was a golden opportunity to hear how SSB was introduced to the U.S. Military by two who were directly involved with General Curtis LeMay, General “Butch” Griswold, and Art Collins! It was a packed house for the presentation by Forest Cummings and Warren Bruene.

(continue reading…)

REVIEW: Roland VR-5 Audio Video Mixer / USB Streamer

by IEBA on May.01, 2011, under Published Articles

In this age of “one device does everything,” Roland-a name more associated with audio gear than video-has been producing some quite capable video mixers, recorders, and players. The company’s latest mixer, the VR-5, features multiple video inputs, an internal media player, computer input and conversion, a built-in audio mixer, two integrated LCD monitors to see video inputs, output and various device settings, and the ability to internally record your program output while also sending your program to a laptop for streaming-all for an MSRP of $4,995. Sound too good to be true? Well, after working with the VR-5 I can tell you that they pull off nearly all of it with aplomb.
Read more on EventDV.

Waveform Talk for DFW-PVA

by IEBA on Jun.10, 2010, under NEWS BITS

Jim Caldwell and I will be giving a presentation on how to read a waveform monitor and vectorscope for the DFW-PVA. Part of that presentation will be a paper Jim Caldwell put together and for the convenience of everyone I’m attaching it here so everyone can download it and get a very basic understanding on how to utilize these very simple tools to powerful results.

Music Together Dallas’ 2010 Grand Opening

by IEBA on Jun.01, 2010, under NEWS BITS

Music Together Dallas bugI was tapped by Music Together Dallas to put together a series of videos to help them promote themselves on social media. We thought through a series of videos, the first of which would be a “splash” video highlighting the grand opening festivities at their new Dallas location. (continue reading…)

ARTICLE: Anthony reviews the Sonnet Qio for EventDV Magazine

by IEBA on Apr.28, 2010, under Published Articles

I had the opportunity to review the new Sonnet Qio for EventDV magazine and was surprised to find that every one of its lofty engineering goals seems to have been attained. This is noteworthy in this day and age when everything touts to be the perfect solution to our needs (the perfect camera, the perfect light, the perfect software package) yet they all seem to fall short in many places (low light capability, flexibility, codec compatibility, etc.)
The Qio is the first product in a long time that not only does everything it says it will, it does it all well. (continue reading…)

FS: Single 1 RU wireless mic ATA case — $100

by IEBA on Mar.10, 2010, under For Sale

1RUcaseBUGI still have the Sony “venue” mics that used to live in the case, but they now live in other cases.

So if you have a wireless mic- or any other 1 RU device that needs both front and back access, as well as pouches front and back to hole related items, then this case is the protection solution for you. (continue reading…)

FS: ONE clean ATA-style case with foam — $100 ea

by IEBA on Mar.10, 2010, under For Sale

CasesBugI had two cases, now I have ONE that used to carry gear, but that gear has been sold off.

It also looks like I’ll not be acquiring similar gear so this case, in excellent condition, with high quality foam (not crappy pick & pull foam) is available for you to buy and configure to your needs. (continue reading…)

Anthony Directs Frisco Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala

by IEBA on Jan.14, 2010, under NEWS BITS

FriscoGotTalentBUGWhen it came time for the Frisco Chamber of Commerce to put together their 26th annual awards banquet / musical performance / auction event, they worked with Tetra Media Group, who immediately called Anthony Burokas to provide the control room, engineering, camera, and to direct the entire IMAG and recorded event.

The 3+ hour “broadcast” went perfectly and the 400+ attendees were thrilled at the quality of the production throughout the night. (continue reading…)

Engineering Video for Ed Slott In Dallas

by IEBA on Oct.08, 2009, under NEWS BITS

Videographer Anthony IRA expert and industry guru Ed Slott travels the country advising other IRA advisers on new regulations, strategies and the many little legal potholes that are out there- and how to avoid them.

When the team that produces his show & DVD’s came to Dallas, they hired only one local operator to come in and help set up the extensive camera, com & audio setup. They called Anthony Burokas. (continue reading…)

Media Wrangling for AMP & VideoFest 2009.

by IEBA on Sep.28, 2009, under NEWS BITS

Anthony Hold Green ScreenWhen AMP Productions needed crew for their Dallas VideoFest shoot, Anthony stepped up to the plate with many of the local production industry’s best.

This two-day shoot pulled out all the stops and featured full-on RED shooting, and some beautiful locations, as well as some expensive props, including a Lamborghini. (continue reading…)

Camera work for “School of Beats” TV pilot.

by IEBA on Aug.10, 2009, under NEWS BITS

P8095020sobBugJust finished a few days operating camera for the School of Beats pilot.

A very interesting concept of urban music hip-hop beatmasters competing to win various in-show competitions, but also a reality show with challenges and tasks and events thrown into the mix to make it interesting to watch, and/or laugh at. (continue reading…)

When in Rome- or rather, The Old West…

by IEBA on Jul.16, 2009, under NEWS BITS

WesternNow that movies are shot with HD video cameras, there is certainly a lot more work for video professionals who previously only aspired to produce TV. Everything else was film and that was a completely different beast. But now that the West was won by digital video cameras, I’ve been tapped to work on a period western movie to be shot on P2 in HD. With considerable HD experience, I’ll be part of the camera teams, working under the DP, of course. When in the west… do a Western. Heeyah! (continue reading…)

HDV Recording: Sony HDR-FX1 Camcorder — $250/day

by IEBA on Jul.14, 2009, under Production

FX1smallThe venerable FX1 is a true prosumer HDV camcorder.
The pro model adds XLR inputs, but lens, chips, and images captured are identical.
HDV tape still is the cost leader for recording HD images. Shoot and go, or hand it off to the client.
True 3-CCD chips – no rolling shutter, no flash banding, no jello-cam, no image distortion.
(continue reading…)

FS: Tektronix WFM-90 Portable Waveform Vectorscope. $950

by IEBA on Jul.14, 2009, under For Sale, Production

tek_wfm90This handy little item is a combination waveform, vectorscope, and audio scope all in one. The little 4″ LCD shows you everything you need, and you can loop the output of this device to the screen of your choice (composite in and out).

So if you have a composite NTSC feed of your video, this portable device can measure it and give you calibrated IRE readings, vectors for calibrating bars or color charts and more. All this off any 12v supply. AC adapter and protective case are included.  (continue reading…)

Illumination: Lowel Light Kits

by IEBA on Jul.13, 2009, under Production

LightKitTwoBugLite Kit-1 – $50/day
2 V-lights, 2 Pro light, stands, gels, scrims, gel holders, various mounts, arms, flags, clips, umbrellas. In a case.

Lite Kit-2 – $60/day
3 Omni lights, 2 Tota lights, stands, gels, scrims, gel holders, various mounts, arms, clips, umbrellas. In a case. (continue reading…)

Quality live/recorded sound mixing: Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro

by IEBA on Jul.10, 2009, under Production

MackieBug6304This is a great live/recorded sound mixer.
Sliders (not knobs) easily relay channel loudness.
Aux 3/4 bus makes this a 4-channel mixer.
Four aux buses (pre/post fader) make it even more versatile.

(continue reading…)

Sony installation wireless audio, audio mixing, patch bay compressor and more!

by IEBA on Jul.09, 2009, under For Sale, OUR GEAR

SonyWRRsetGot a big shoot with lots of people to track, then you need something better than a little receiver velcroed to the side of the camcorder. You need professional audio, amplified, directional, diversity antennas. You need easy and quick selection between hundreds of MHz to avoid TV stations, handheld radios, and more RF interference. This is where robust wireless audio systems like the Sony WRR-840 and WRR-820 really shine. Multiple outputs to feed multiple cameras, mixers, viewers, recorders. Easily adjustable everything. (continue reading…)

FS: SRPX700P Digital Powered Multi-Mixer $1,495

by IEBA on Jul.08, 2009, under For Sale, OUR GEAR

srpx700p_zThe Sony SRP-X700 powered A/V matrix mixer offers an “all-in-one” solution for multimedia presentations. This one 3 RU box unites the functions of a high quality audio mixer, wireless microphone receiver slots, RGB/video switcher, equalizer, active feedback reducer and power amplifier. (continue reading…)

Lighting Grid Anywhere with Bogen AutoPoles (12x)

by IEBA on Jul.08, 2009, under OUR GEAR, Production

autopoleDo you need a lighting grid in a home where there is no grid? Need a vertical post between floor and ceiling to hide a light where you can’t see a stand?
Then you need the Bogen / Manfrotto AutoPole.

(continue reading…)

Anthony Directs Healthy Flavors for PBS

by IEBA on Jun.09, 2009, under NEWS BITS

HFphilaIMG_0166smTook a quick trip back up to Philly to not only set up and engineer a few episodes of Healthy Flavors for Multi Media Productions, but I also directed both shows. Feedback from the clients on hand was excellent.

The familiar team was assembled for this shoot: Bob Terrio was on camera, Larry Bossone was on crane. We added the new MMP freelancer on camera 2 and he did a fine job. Everyone handled setting up and shooting in a new, unfamiliar location with ease. (continue reading…)

Shooting corporate video for the American Heart Association, Dallas.

by IEBA on May.01, 2009, under NEWS BITS

HeartASSNbug_0602 Anthony had already worked for The American Heart Association before coming down to Dallas, so when he did arrive here, he was happy to help out again with their “Go Red For Women” campaign.

Anthony shot two days of HD as six women prepared and began a 6-month fitness program to promote heart healthy awareness among women. Four of them were selected to actively blog about their odyssey. (continue reading…)

Anthony is the HD video mixer Guru at NAB

by IEBA on Apr.29, 2009, under NEWS BITS

DataVideoNABbug4181074When it came time for Datavideo to debut their new HD video mixer at NAB, they picked Anthony Burokas. They had been working with Anthony for a few months, putting together various usage scenarios for their user manual. Then brought Anthony in to demo all the features of this new video mixer for end users and VAR’s from around the world. (continue reading…)

“Customer Focus” at Merck

by IEBA on Nov.10, 2008, under NEWS BITS

MerkStudioP1000353smThere are experts in certain fields that are sought after for their expertise— and they are quite expensive to secure. So when you get them, you make the most of their presence. This is what we made happen at Merck. A Customer Focus guru was brought in to go over the concepts and principles, as well as provide many enlightening stories. And he did so over the course of a long day when two different departments sat down with him in our E-Learning studio. (continue reading…)

Cameras and Audio for PINKS

by IEBA on Jul.10, 2008, under NEWS BITS

pinksP5111202smSpeed Channel’s series Pinks is deceptively simple looking. People get together, drag race down a strip, and there’s a winner and a looser.

But it’s actually a “reality” show, which means more than a dozen cameras: 9 on-shoulder cameras covering each of the key talent members, 10 POV cameras moved from car to car, and EVERYONE has a body mic! (continue reading…)

Sony WV-D10000 DV/DVCAM & SVHS Deck

by IEBA on Jul.09, 2008, under OUR GEAR, Production

D10000For the quick dub of full size and MiniDV tapes to VHS/SVHS, this deck was the shizzle in 2000. Now used less and less, it still serves as a great feeder deck for the SD projects that come in to the office. Moreover it plays back full size and Mini DVCAM tapes, as well as DV. It can dub between the two decks as well for those looking to easily migrate SVHS onto a digital tape format. (continue reading…)

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