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Anthony also donates his time, energy, skill, and experience to help local non-profits with the same effectiveness as major corporate clients. Whether it be through in-kind donation, or non-profit credit, we work to ensure that every resource is used to its fullest potential.


America SCORES with this powerful video

Anthony Burokas helps America SCORES Dallas tell their story with a compelling video for their 2015 annual Soccer Ball fundraising event.

IEBA helps North Texas GALA tell their story.

Anthony Burokas produces a video that demonstrates how GALA celebrates diversity & enhances equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender North Texans in schools, workplaces, and communities.

We’re building Hope Park!

Anthony quickly turned around two great videos for Hope Park Frisco- one for fundraising before the build, and one video during the build itself.

IEBA produces Chosen Child’s “Adoption Option”

IEBA Communications helps Chosen Child Adoption Services reach out to women who have just found out they are unexpectedly pregnant, to give them an important message about choices full of hope for the future.

Frisco Women’s League 2012 Mother Daughter Tea

Who can provide live event video services, document the event for future promotion, and secure music from Moby to use for the video? Anthony Burokas of IEBA Communications can.

IEBA helps Music Together Dallas promote the Joel Schickman Children’s Music Fund.

When you want to say something poignant, it often works much better to strip your video down and let the content- the message- shine through clearly.

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More videos can be found on the IEBA Communications YouTube page.