IEBA helps Music Together Dallas promote the Joel Schickman Children’s Music Fund.

When Music Together Dallas wanted to highlight the recipients of the Joel Schickman Children’s Music Fund, they turned to Anthony Burokas to craft the videos. They would be shot documentary-style in the home of the recipients. In this case, Ava is a little one year old girl who has cystic fibrosis. The family was gifted with music therapy in the form of classes at Music Together Dallas. They received several entire seasons and this video was to highlight the effects of Music Together on the family and see the family use the music as part of their daily lives.


The video was shot documentary style, with zero interruption of baby Ava’s therapy. It also allowed the music that the family creates as part of the therapy to better flow and entertain Ava while she went through her therapy- typically several times a day. The camera moved a lot to cover the action from several locations, as well as shoot cutaway shots of the therapy, the dog, etc, to help cover edit points.

In post, a critical decision was made to not use any accompanying music and rely solely on the music that was par of the therapy. This focuses the attention of the viewer on Ava’s involvement in the music and creates a greater highlight on the music therapy versus the interview that happened after the therapy. Then, by intermingling the two aspects of the video, the viewer can more easily see illustrations of what is discussed. In the end, the video is honed down to what needs to be said, video that highlights Ava’s therapy and how they bring music into the therapy to make it more enjoyable. This drives the message home.

Anthony Burokas has produced several of these highlight videos for Music Together Dallas and it just goes to demonstrate the largess of the local community to help special needs children live happier and healthier lives. Call Anthony Burokas to find out how we can help you tell your story.