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The B4-Cage for using ENG lenses on DSLRs.

by IEBA on Feb.06, 2015, under For Sale, OUR GEAR, Production

B4-Cage Demo – IEBA Communications – 215-632-3283 – Dallas Video Production

Did I just put together a cage to make ENG lenses a lot easier to use on DSLRs? Yes, I did.
Then I made a comprehensive demo video showing how it all comes together, the advantages of the pieces I selected, and how it integrates into other aspects of DSLR camera operation.

America SCORES with video from IEBA Communications

by IEBA on Feb.06, 2015, under CLIENT VIDEOS, Corporate, Non Profit

America SCORES Dallas 2015 Soccer Ball — 215-632-3283 – Dallas Video

When the dallas chapter of America SCORES needed a video for their annual fundraising gala – the 2015 Soccer Ball – they turned to Anthony Burokas to craft a compelling video for a room full of donors. It needed to be upbeat and positive. It needed to show how the program positively impacts both the lives of the children, and the lives of their families. Plus it needed to be fresh and fun – like soccer itself.

By focusing on the soccer play and interweaving interviews through the video, as well as incorporating the kids’ poetry and music created by SCORES kids themselves, Anthony was able to craft a video that was clearly a GOAALLLL for America SCORES Dallas.


IEBA helps North Texas GALA tell their story.

by IEBA on Jan.13, 2015, under CLIENT VIDEOS, Non Profit

North Texas GALA Does – IEBA Communications – 215-632-3283 – Dallas Video Production

It can be difficult for a gay, lesbian, and trnasgender organization to find a company willing to help it tell its story. But Anthony Burokas stepped forward and worked with North Texas GALA for over a year to build and craft their story of support, friendship, and activism. Part of the reason it took this long was that the organization was actually recrafting their image- and changing their name, from the Collin County Gay & Lesbian Association (CCGLA).

But Anthony and GALA stuck with the project and redid sections of the video to fit the new message. This resulted in a video that covers the many activities that GALA does – celebrating diversity & enhancing equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender North Texans in schools, workplaces, and communities.

Anthony produces Healthy Flavors for PBS

by IEBA on May.05, 2014, under Broadcast, CLIENT VIDEOS

Healthy Flavors #505 Boston — Opening Sequence

Producing, engineering and editing some 15 seasons of Flavors of America and Healthy Flavors for PBS and Comcast, Anthony Burokas ensured that every program met the stringent technical requirements. Anthony ensured that the production of the show was smooth and this made for an enjoyable experience by all. Good food and a great host made this series a blast to work on. Best of all, the sponsors loved it and good sponsors ensured a nice long run.

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RaceTrack picks IEBA for 100th store celebration!

by IEBA on Aug.15, 2013, under CLIENT VIDEOS, Corporate

RaceTrac 100th DFW Store Celebration

RaceTrack has over 600 stores nationwide and when they wanted to really celebrate their 100th store opening in the DFW area, they decided to throw a party– at Cowboys Stadium! This huge event needed an appropriate way to celebrate the history of RaceTrack, convey a message from the company president to DVW employees, and to celebrate the stores and activities of everyone in the DFW area. They chose Anthony Burokas of IEBA Communications to craft a video that did all this, and was entertaining as well.

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We’re building Hope Park!

by IEBA on May.16, 2013, under CLIENT VIDEOS, Non Profit

We're Building Hope Park

When Hope Park Frisco construction began, Anthony Burokas continued his involvement by producing a motivational video that was shared with all the volunteers and with all the future volunteers so they could see the enthusiasm, and the scope of the project – right in the middle of construction. Turned around in just two days, it was shared via social media and e-mail, as well as hosted on the web site for all to view.

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Anthony shoots KPost Roofing Video Series

by IEBA on Mar.20, 2013, under Broadcast, CLIENT VIDEOS, Corporate

KPost Roofing "Fundamentals" — 215-632-3283 – Dallas Video Production

When it came time for Studios121 to pick a videographer to light & shoot the entire series of promotional videos for KPost Roofing, there was a lot of competition, but they picked Anthony Burokas of IEBA Communications.

Anthony provided complete video acquisition services- camera gear and support, all the location lighting and sound, as well as handling all the rooftop location work. He directed the on-location interviews and chose the locations and settings for all of the roofing activity. Getting on the roofs at all required extensive safety training at KPost to ensure both Anthony’s safety, and the safety of everyone else on the job site.

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ARTICLE: Using Inexpensive DJ LED Lights to Jazz Up Video Productions

by IEBA on Oct.03, 2012, under Published Articles

These are the cool little lights. Good-quality light fixtures are well worth the money spent as they will provide years, even decades of faithful service. But a single, good fresnel light head, stand, doors, etc. can easily run several hundred dollars. Then, to get creative, you still need an external dimmer, and several colored gels to craft the light into something more creative.

Alternatively, LED panels have been gaining popularity for energy efficiency and cool running. Looking beyond the small set of white and bi-color LEDs specifically made for video production, you can find a whole other world of LED fixtures made for other markets–including “disc jockey” LED lights and controllers. For the cost of one good fresnel light, you can have a multi-light, expandable LED lighting package. Read more at Streaming Media Producer.


by IEBA on Sep.06, 2012, under Published Articles

Anthony Burokas produces the TEXO Annual Report with Magic Communications.IMAG is IMage MAGnification. It’s as simple as that. Most often used whenever a person needs to speak to an audience larger than could comfortably sit around him or her. Get to 50, 100+ people and some people will be too far. You’ll need a video camera, a projector and a big screen to help this individual make that direct face-to-face connection with his audience.

But what tools and techniques do you need to use, or be aware of, to pull off a successful IMAG production. You can read more at Streaming Media Producer.

IEBA produces Video Biographies for the teachers of Music Together Dallas.

by IEBA on Sep.05, 2012, under CLIENT VIDEOS, Corporate

Music Together Dallas teacher: Josette Ables — 215-632-3283 – Dallas Video Produciton

Anthony Burokas recently completed a series of videos produced for Music Together Dallas to introduce web site visitors, current students, and future students to the instructors available. It is important to get a feel for the instructor who is teaching a creative class- like music together. With these videos you can get a feel for who they are, and how they will lead the class, and inspire your children.

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REVIEW: Test results of the Nikon D800′s video- grading, sharpness, moire, and more.

by IEBA on Aug.03, 2012, under Published Articles

Enough already! take me to the article!There’s no question that video-capable DSLRs deliver a very different look from what you get with a prosumer camcorder, for about the same price. Plus you get killer stills, something no video camera—not even a 5K RED Epic—is going to match. This is especially the case when the camera is the 36 MP, full-frame, Nikon D800.

The D800 and Nikkor 24-120mm VR lens system I received from Nikon for review lists for $4,200. A decent prosumer camcorder, like the Panasonic AG-AC160, which I had an opportunity to test a few months ago, has a street price just north of $4,000. So they are definitely comparable in price. The real issue is the look of the image, as well as usability and features.

In Part 1 of this two-part series on the D800, I looked at the operation and functionality of the D800 as a video camera. Now, in Part 2, I’ll share some usability notes, as report the results of some audio and video tests comparing the D800 to another highly regarded DSLR, the Panasonic GH2, and to a more traditional prosumer camcorder. Read more of this 5-page (and 5 video) review at Streaming Media Producer.

REVIEW: How well does the Nikon D800 work for shooting video?

by IEBA on Jul.23, 2012, under Published Articles

Anthony manhandles the Nikon D800.There’s no question that video-capable DSLR cameras offer a very different look from prosumer camcorders for about the same price. Plus you also get phenomenal stills, something no video camera–not even a 5k RED Epic–is going to match. I found this to be especially true when shooting with the 36 MP, full-frame, Nikon D800. The D800 and Nikkor 24-120mm VR lens system submitted for review by Nikon, lists for $4,200. A decent prosumer camcorder, like the Panasonic AG-AC160, which I had an opportunity to test a few months ago, has a street price just north of $4,000. So they are definitely comparable in price. The real issue is the look of the image, versus usability and features.

In this two-part series, I’ll begin by looking at how well the D800 works as a video camera, in terms of operability and functionality. In part two, I’ll report on some audio and video tests comparing the D800 to another highly regarded (though significantly less expensive) DSLR, the Panasonic GH2, and to a more traditional prosumer camcorder. Read more of this 4-page article at Streaming Media Producer.


ARTICLE: “What is” Live Switching?

by IEBA on Jul.03, 2012, under Published Articles

Streaming Media Producer kicks off its “What Is…?” series tackling essential topics in the streaming media production world with a look at live switching by Anthony Burokas – a 20 year veteran of multi-camera production. In this article, he touches on the differences between switching and mixing, assembling the components and crew of a live switch, and the basics of “punching” a multi-camera show or event for live delivery.

Live switching is something we take for granted every time we watch a TV program. If it’s an episode of serial TV, we expect the camera angles to change while the action appearing on screen continues in a fluid manner. We expierience the action on screen via a mix of wide shots, close-ups, 2-shots, reaction shots, and so on. Read more of this 4-page article at Streaming Media Producer.

IEBA produces Chosen Child’s “Adoption Option”

by IEBA on Jul.01, 2012, under CLIENT VIDEOS, Corporate, Non Profit

The Adoption Option – Chosen Child Adoption Serivces • Dallas Video – IEBA Communications

Chosen Child Adoption Services, in Allen TX, needed to convey a serious message about adoption to women who just found out they are pregnant. With the mind of the new mother-to-be swirling in thoughts, what would be the best way to present adoption as an option to keep in mind as they make their life choices?

We chose a combination of drama, as well as testimonies, to reach directly out to these women and let them know that adoption is not only an option for them, but for the women in this video, it turned out to be the best option…

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Frisco Women’s League 2012 Mother Daughter Tea

by IEBA on Jun.20, 2012, under CLIENT VIDEOS, Non Profit

Frisco Women's League – 2012 Mother Daughter Tea – Recap

The Frisco Women’s League sought someone that could not only provide quality video services for their live fashion show during their 2012 Mother Daughter Tea, but they also wanted that same provider to cover the event and produce a video to help them promote it to the public and as an archive of the event itself. (continue reading…)

Dalton Highway HD

by IEBA on May.10, 2012, under NEWS BITS

We are proud to announce that Dalton Highway HD is now available. Look for retail stores in Alaska, and soon on Amazon and Amazon Streaming and YouTube rentals.


REVIEW: Litepanels MicroPro Hybrid DSLR LED

by IEBA on May.01, 2012, under Published Articles

Litepanels recently shipped the MicroPro Hybrid, a dimmable, on-camera Hybrid LED that can refresh itself much faster than most any strobe light can. Thus it may pack a powerful 1-2 punch for DSLR producers who need to capture both video and still images. But how well does it handle both tasks? In this article Anthony Burokas reviews the new light and compares it to an LED light that’s one-fifth the cost to see how these two lights measure up.
Read more at Streaming Media Producer.

Live Events with the iPad3 Mobile Video Production Platform.

by IEBA on Mar.22, 2012, under Published Articles

Apple’s New iPad 3 is making quite a splash. Several key features really play out to the benefit of media producers for whom ultra-fast turnaround is paramount. With the latest processing horsepower and the latest version of iOS iMovie a lot of computers are going to be left collecting dust with this.
Read more at VideoUniversity.

Adapting ENG Lenses to DSLR Production, Part 2: Power & Rigging

by IEBA on Mar.06, 2012, under Published Articles

The goal of adding an ENG (electronic news gathering) lens onto a DSLR is primarily to take advantage of the servo zoom part–the smooth, consistent, motorized zoom. But there are other useful advantages, even if you never use the powered servo zoom. You have multiple focal lengths like any zoom lens and a consistently low f-stop throughout the zoom range. A third, less-talked-about advantage is the cost-effectiveness. For the cost of two good, bright, prime lenses, you can get a decent HD camcorder lens for your camera. So let’s talk more about getting that ENG lens up and running.
Read More at Streaming Media Producer.

Adapting Smooth Servo Zoom Lenses for DSLR Production, Part 1

by IEBA on Feb.16, 2012, under Published Articles

DSLRs have become the standard by which current and future large-sensor camcorders are judged. But as we adopted DSLRs and primes to produce more “filmic” video for our clients, we left something critical behind: the feathery smooth servo zoom that serves feature film producers so well. So how do you get that capability on your DSLR?
Read more at Streaming Media Producer

IEBA shows everyone Habitat for Humanity’s McKinney “ReStore”

by IEBA on Feb.14, 2012, under Broadcast, CLIENT VIDEOS, Corporate

Welcome to the McKinney TX ReStore

When it comes to informing the public about something new, there’s no better video tool than video. So when it came time for the Habitat for Humanity’s “ReStore” in McKinney TX to let the public know bout their new location, and all the new things that had been added to their stock, video was the best way to do it. Out of all the video companies throughout the Dallas, Ft. Worth area, IEBA Communications was chosen to produce the new ReStore video. 

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REVIEW: Panasonic AG-HMC80 On-Shoulder Camcorder

by IEBA on Feb.10, 2012, under Published Articles

In an era of ever-shrinking HD cameras, cell phone HD, and DSLRs, you might ask, why would anyone need an on-shoulder HD camcorder? Is it the copious amount of I/O jacks? The ergonomics? Or the easy access to numerous features in a big camera sort of way that enamor the Panasonic AG-HMC80 to its target end users? Let’s find out.
Read more at Streaming Media Producer.

Review: Panasonic AV-HS400N HD Video Mixer

by IEBA on Feb.10, 2012, under Published Articles

HD video mixers aren’t cheap, but they do offer amazing functionality inside compact boxes. I put Panasonic’s AV-HS400N through its paces during an awards ceremony. I found much to like, and a few minor issues, and look forward to technologies like this becoming more affordable in the years to come.
Read more at Streaming Media Producer.

Covering the Frisco Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards for the third year straight.

by IEBA on Feb.03, 2012, under NEWS BITS

When it comes to business in Frisco, TX, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce is a busy little organization. Helping small businesses get the word out, ribbon cuttings, networking meetings and a whole lot more. Every year, they host an awards banquet honoring the successful businesses in many categories. For three years running Anthony Burokas was tapped to help provide video services for the event.

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ARTICLE: Multi-Camera Color Calibration in the field.

by IEBA on Feb.01, 2012, under Published Articles

How do you get all the different cameras you might use to cover an event to match? There is a trick you can use to set up a color profile for each of the cameras, and then use the corrections established there to correct for the rest of the footage from your project.
Read more at Streaming Media Producer

Long Lens work for Ambit Energy’s 7-location webcast.

by IEBA on Jan.28, 2012, under NEWS BITS

When it comes to corporate work, especially webcasts, the traditional camcorder is still the workhorse. These cameras can be set to interface directly with multi-camera video mixers, and even be remotely painted to match perfectly. Plus, like DSLRs, they can have the lens changed out for something more appropriate for the venue, like a very long zoom lens for capturing the president of the company as he stands on stage, an entire ballroom away.

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REVIEW: The Panasonic AG-AC160 Prosumer Handheld Camcorder

by IEBA on Jan.24, 2012, under Published Articles

Panasonic has several camcorders with similar build, but different underlying core technologies — specifically, the AC160/130 and the HPX250. The key difference between them, respectively, is 4:2:0 MP4 GOP at 1920×1080 resolution and AVCCAM recording as high at 21Mbps, versus 10-bit, 4:2:2 independent-frame, 1920 x 1080 resolution AVC-Intra 100 recording. For those who find AVCHD sufficient, but want a full-on camcorder solution without additional workarounds needed compared to more consumer cameras, the AC160 is meant to fit in your hand.
Read more at Creative COW.

REVIEW: Sonnet Qio High-Speed File Transport Center

by IEBA on Jan.11, 2012, under Published Articles

Sonnet has crafted a beautiful solution for rapid footage offload that gives your laptop far more connectivity, power, and capability than ever before. The system is solid, and in pure professional parlance, it does what it says it can do. The Qio is, according to Anthony Burokas, the most useful professional video production accessory for a laptop-enabled tapeless live production workflow that you can get.
Read more at Streaming Media Producer.

REVIEW: Panasonic AG-AC7P Shouldermount Camcorder

by IEBA on Jan.09, 2012, under Published Articles

A physically similar follow-up to Panasonic’s more professional AG-HMC80 AVCCAM, the AC7P uses the more consumer AVCHD format, loses a few ports, and drops $1,200 from the price tag, making the $1,300 (MSRP) AG-AC7 the least expensive actual on-shoulder camcorder you can buy. But what do you get?
Read more at Streaming Media Producer.

IEBA helps Music Together Dallas promote the Joel Schickman Children’s Music Fund.

by IEBA on Nov.25, 2011, under CLIENT VIDEOS, Non Profit

"Ava" Joel Shickman Children's Music Fund — 215-632-3283 – Dallas Video Production

When Music Together Dallas wanted to highlight the recipients of the Joel Schickman Children’s Music Fund, they turned to Anthony Burokas to craft the videos. They would be shot documentary-style in the home of the recipients. In this case, Ava is a little one year old girl who has cystic fibrosis. The family was gifted with music therapy in the form of classes at Music Together Dallas. They received several entire seasons and this video was to highlight the effects of Music Together on the family and see the family use the music as part of their daily lives.

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