We’re building Hope Park!

When Hope Park Frisco construction began, Anthony Burokas continued his involvement by producing a motivational video that was shared with all the volunteers and with all the future volunteers so they could see the enthusiasm, and the scope of the project – right in the middle of construction. Turned around in just two days, it was shared via social media and e-mail, as well as hosted on the web site for all to view.


This was the second of two videos Anthony Burokas produced for Hope Park Frisco- the first of which was a 1-week turnaround promotional/fundraising video that was shown to numerous businesses and Chambers of Commerce to help with the fundraising. Anthony put together a script with the project leaders, found someone to do a professional voice over, gathered stills and video media from Hope Park founders, and he then embarked on adding new video, and editing stills, video, custom music, the voice over and putting together the compelling video in under a week. The video was a huge success for Hope Park Frisco – enabling them to easily convey the scale and the vision of what Hope Park was to become.