RaceTrack picks IEBA for 100th store celebration!

RaceTrack has over 600 stores nationwide and when they wanted to really celebrate their 100th store opening in the DFW area, they decided to throw a party– at Cowboys Stadium! This huge event needed an appropriate way to celebrate the history of RaceTrack, convey a message from the company president to DVW employees, and to celebrate the stores and activities of everyone in the DFW area. They chose Anthony Burokas of IEBA Communications to craft a video that did all this, and was entertaining as well.


Utilizing several different types of video, stills, fun music, and the assistance of store managers throughout the DFW area to click a photo and submit it for the montage of stores, Anthony put together what was the highlight of the party. The best part was that everyone got to see it on the mega-huge LED screen in the middle of the stadium. At the time, it was the largest HD display in the nation. While it has since been eclipsed by larger LED screens, the impact of seeing everyone’s face on the 2,100 inch screen.