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Anthony has spent more than 20 years producing multi-camera live TV for Broadcast and cable TV- sometimes even the same show at the same time. To find out how this is even possible, give him a call and hire him for your next project.


Anthony produces Healthy Flavors for PBS

Anthony Burokas ensures this cooking series looked and sounded its best for 15 years on PBS and Comcast.

Anthony shoots KPost Roofing Video Series

Anthony Burokas provided unique roof-top video services to Studios 121 for a series of videos for KPost Roofing.

IEBA shows everyone Habitat for Humanity’s McKinney “ReStore”

When it comes to knowing the power of video, and being able to implement end-user-centered video from concept through delivery, including the latest video & search technologies, Anthony Burokas of IEBA Communications made it happen for Habitat for Humanity’s McKinney ReStore.

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