IEBA shows everyone Habitat for Humanity’s McKinney “ReStore”

When it comes to informing the public about something new, there’s no better video tool than video. So when it came time for the Habitat for Humanity’s “ReStore” in McKinney TX to let the public know bout their new location, and all the new things that had been added to their stock, video was the best way to do it. Out of all the video companies throughout the Dallas, Ft. Worth area, IEBA Communications was chosen to produce the new ReStore video. 


This shoot was designed to not only inform the public about what the McKinney Restore had available, but to visibly demonstrate what the ReStore looked like, from approaching it on the street, to the door in the back of the building, to how everything was arranged in the store itself. This way, new and potential customers would have visual references to guide them before they ever set foot in the store.

Anthony interviewed both Tony Sowell, the store director, and Debbie Mormon, the development coordinator in the morning of the shoot, and made notes on the various aspects of the ReStore they mentioned. Then, camera crews fanned out into the showroom floor and captured a variety of images that reinforced what was being said. From high angle shots overlooking the store, to detail shots of historic doors & windows. From moving shots through the furniture isles, to overviews of TV’s and appliances that are available. The camera crews ensured that no couch pillow, or 1930’s Magnavox was left unturned.

The video passed through corporate appoval in record time and it was posted to the McKinney ReStore YouTube Channel that IEBA Communications set up so that they could also garner more organic discovery using video searches.

When it comes to knowing the power of video, and being able to implement end-user-centered video from concept through delivery, including the latest video & search technologies, Anthony Burokas of IEBA Communications provides the wisdom & experience to make it happen.