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Gear we no longer use is available for sale.


The B4-Cage for using ENG lenses on DSLRs.

Get the IEBA B4-Cage to make using an ENG lens on your DSLR a lot easier!

FS: Single 1 RU wireless mic ATA case — $100

I still have the Sony “venue” mics that used to live in the case, but they now live in other cases. So if you have a wireless mic- or any other 1 RU device that needs both front and back access, as well as pouches front and back to holeRead More

FS: ONE clean ATA-style case with foam — $100 ea

IEBA has some used ATA-style gear cases for sale.

FS: Tektronix WFM-90 Portable Waveform Vectorscope. $950

This handy little item is a combination waveform, vectorscope, and audio scope all in one. The little 4″ LCD shows you everything you need, and you can loop the output of this device to the screen of your choice (composite in and out). So if you have a composite NTSCRead More

Sony installation wireless audio, audio mixing, patch bay compressor and more!

Got a big shoot with lots of people to track, then you need something better than a little receiver velcroed to the side of the camcorder. You need professional audio, amplified, directional, diversity antennas. You need easy and quick selection between hundreds of MHz to avoid TV stations, handheld radios,Read More

FS: SRPX700P Digital Powered Multi-Mixer $1,495

The Sony SRP-X700 powered A/V matrix mixer offers an “all-in-one” solution for multimedia presentations. This one 3 RU box unites the functions of a high quality audio mixer, wireless microphone receiver slots, RGB/video switcher, equalizer, active feedback reducer and power amplifier.