FS: Tektronix WFM-90 Portable Waveform Vectorscope. $950

tek_wfm90This handy little item is a combination waveform, vectorscope, and audio scope all in one. The little 4″ LCD shows you everything you need, and you can loop the output of this device to the screen of your choice (composite in and out).

So if you have a composite NTSC feed of your video, this portable device can measure it and give you calibrated IRE readings, vectors for calibrating bars or color charts and more. All this off any 12v supply. AC adapter and protective case are included. 

The Tektronix WFM9o is a handheld, multifunction scope ideally suited to the monitoring needs of field production, equipment installation or any situation where portability and battery operation is required for analysis of analog composite video. The combination of features and monitoring modes provided makes it powerful enough to set up, time and troubleshoot complex video and audio systems, combining the power of several separate instruments in the palm of your hand.The high-resolution, 4 in./102 mm color LCD display provides a clear picture of the incoming video signal. Alternately, the waveform, vector or audio displays may be shown full-screen or any one may be cut into any corner of the display. In addition to the LCD display, a composite video output supplies a monochrome waveform, vector or audio display, either full-screen or cut into a color picture.

As a waveform monitor, the WFM90D/WFM91D provides all the features expected on a basic, single-channel monitor: external reference; 1H, 2H and 2F sweeps; X1, X5 and variable vertical gain; flat and luminance filters. The external reference input allows users to perform the system timing adjustments critical to sophisticated field productions.

Whether adjusting a camera’s black/white balance or adjusting chroma levels and hues on a time base corrector, the WFM90D/WFM91D Composite Vector Mode provides the needed display controls. Variable, X1 and X5 gain settings and a 360 degree phase shifter are selectable via on-screen menus, as is 75% or 100% bars for the WFM90D.

The Analog Audio Mode’s voltage vs. time display is useful for setting or checking levels and for detecting certain types of distortions. The audio display, driven via a single XLR connector and a headphone jack, permits listening to the displayed audio.

WFM90D/WFM91D monitors can be powered with internal “C” sized batteries, external 12v source, or an AC adapter.

A rugged case with a shoulder strap makes transporting the WFM90 easy.


Dual field Waveform. I prefer single field.

Dual field Waveform. I prefer single field.


Vectorscope on camera bars. Nice.

Vectorscope on camera bars. Nice.