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FS: ONE clean ATA-style case with foam — $100 ea

by IEBA on Mar.10, 2010, under For Sale

CasesBugI had two cases, now I have ONE that used to carry gear, but that gear has been sold off.

It also looks like I’ll not be acquiring similar gear so this case, in excellent condition, with high quality foam (not crappy pick & pull foam) is available for you to buy and configure to your needs.

Consider it to be an oversized briefcase. $100 each. This is the cheapest insurance for whatever you can put inside, and I’m sure whatever you put inside will cost far more than $100. That’s why rental gear always comes in these cases. Because the cases really do protect what’s inside.

Considering a Pelican case? Think again. Which do you think would win in a knock-down drag-out fight in the back of the grip truck with falling gear… these are the cases that put the holes in the Pelican plastic. And the replacement foam for a Pelican costs $70. Just for the foam. Get one of these instead.

The taller case is the only one left. It is 22″ x 7.25″ x 19″

In excellent shape, no busted wood. Corners all reinforced.

Let the photos ensure. Click on them for much larger versions.

Both Cases. Milk crate added for size conparison.

Both Cases. Milk crate added for size conparison.

Bigger case

Bigger case

Insides & Comparison

Insides & Comparison

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