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Anthony Directs Frisco Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala

by IEBA on Jan.14, 2010, under NEWS BITS

FriscoGotTalentBUGWhen it came time for the Frisco Chamber of Commerce to put together their 26th annual awards banquet / musical performance / auction event, they worked with Tetra Media Group, who immediately called Anthony Burokas to provide the control room, engineering, camera, and to direct the entire IMAG and recorded event.

The 3+ hour “broadcast” went perfectly and the 400+ attendees were thrilled at the quality of the production throughout the night. From the pre-planning meetings where it was revealed that there were literally FOUR different stages that would have to be covered throughout the night, to live musical performances that would need some creative coverage, to the surprise of auctioneer assistants mingling throughout the audience that would need to be seen on screen, this event provided far more challenge than your typical corporate IMAG talking head.

The view from the control room. A rough multi-image stitch.

The view from the control room. A rough multi-image stitch.

Anthony utilized his video mixing package & hard drive recorder to handle all the sources (4 cameras, computer, slide show & a DVD player). Anthony also supplied an 18x remotely controlled camera head that was set up high in the back of the auditorium to provide a sense of scale & scope to people who could not attend the actual event and would be watching the video later. Anthony took a feed from the audio board to ensure he could hear all the performers on the various stages, and took room audio to hear the auctions, applause and any other audio not carried by the stage microphones.

A smile admist the all the action? Definitely! - I love this stuff.

A smile admist the all the action? Definitely! - I love this stuff.

Anthony placed the cameras in the room, wired the camera & recording system, directed all the cameras, and interfaced directly with the audio and lighting technicians, both before and during the event, to ensure that the recorded program was as high quality as possible. During the show Anthony sat side by side with Executive Producer John Holmes of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce who oversaw both the live event and the recording.

With only one short break for the main course of dinner, the entire night flew by in a 3+ hour whirlwind of activity and when the show closed, Anthony and his crew could finally breathe a sign of relief.

Here’s a short sample of the video Anthony produced:

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