Engineering Video for Ed Slott In Dallas

Videographer Anthony IRA expert and industry guru Ed Slott travels the country advising other IRA advisers on new regulations, strategies and the many little legal potholes that are out there- and how to avoid them.

When the team that produces his show & DVD’s came to Dallas, they hired only one local operator to come in and help set up the extensive camera, com & audio setup. They called Anthony Burokas.

Taking up the entire main ballroom of the Westin Galleria, as well as breakout rooms throughout the hotel, the challenge of this production was to quickly adapt to using both the full ballroom, and a smaller portion when a temporary wall was brought in to cut the room in half. Gear had to be readjusted to this wall which came in and out several times throughout the multi-day production.

Anthony at the Anycast Station

Anthony at the Anycast Station

This shoot was for both IMAG and live-switched for DVD mastering. ISO tapes were run in all the cameras to correct any mis-punches during the live show. The hub for everything was the Sony Anycast. This briefcase-sized box is a 6-input video mixer, playback deck, graphics, audio mixer, and more. It also was set up to record ISO feeds from each of the source cameras, and program master, as a DVCAM feed to external hard drives. This multi-day shoot went from load-in to load-out without a single problem.

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