IEBA produces Chosen Child’s “Adoption Option”

Chosen Child Adoption Services, in Allen TX, needed to convey a serious message about adoption to women who just found out they are pregnant. With the mind of the new mother-to-be swirling in thoughts, what would be the best way to present adoption as an option to keep in mind as they make their life choices?

We chose a combination of drama, as well as testimonies, to reach directly out to these women and let them know that adoption is not only an option for them, but for the women in this video, it turned out to be the best option…


We used an actress, Scarlette Martin, to open the video. She was tasked with delving into the mindset of the women who would have just found out they are pregnant. Thoughts swirling through their head. They are at a junction in their life and choices need to be made.

We transition right to a birth mother, Nadia, who echoes the thoughts of our actress. Nadia tells her story and how she came to choose adoption. We see Nadia taking that first step and looking through some adoptive family photo books. We are then introduced to Melissa, from Chosen Child Adoption Services, who now echoes the thoughts of the viewers of the video. Next, we meet Morgan who ties right in to Melissa’s thoughts. Morgan tells us her story. By the end, our actress, representing a future birth mother, is happy and optomistic about her decision. But we do not say what her decision is. We leave it open for the viewer to interpret and decide for themselves.

Through it all, the goal was to reach across the chasm of turbulent thoughts and present adoption as an option for women watching this video. We carefully weave our way between the opening scene, through birth mother testimony, to reach out and offer assistance.

Shot and edited on a very tight budget, this video succeeds in presenting the message in a mother-to-mother, shoulder to shoulder “we’ve been there” kind of way, without being “preachy” or talking down to anyone. IEBA Communications is proud to have worked with Chosen Child Adoption Services and to have been able to contribute to the good work that they perform on a daily basis.