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For information about various production activities and published articles by Anthony Burokas and IEBA Communications.


Anthony Directs Healthy Flavors for PBS

When it comes time for Multi Media Productions to hand off producing and directing shows for their PBS cooking series- they pick Anthony Burokas of IEBA Communications

Shooting corporate video for the American Heart Association, Dallas.

Anthony had already worked for The American Heart Association before coming down to Dallas, so when he did arrive here, he was happy to help out again with their “Go Red For Women” campaign. Anthony shot two days of HD as six women prepared and began a 6-month fitness programRead More

Anthony is the HD video mixer Guru at NAB

When it came time for Datavideo to debut their new HD video mixer at NAB, they picked Anthony Burokas. They had been working with Anthony for a few months, putting together various usage scenarios for their user manual. Then brought Anthony in to demo all the features of this newRead More

“Customer Focus” at Merck

There are experts in certain fields that are sought after for their expertise— and they are quite expensive to secure. So when you get them, you make the most of their presence. This is what we made happen at Merck. A Customer Focus guru was brought in to go overRead More

Cameras and Audio for PINKS

Speed Channel’s series Pinks is deceptively simple looking. People get together, drag race down a strip, and there’s a winner and a looser. But it’s actually a “reality” show, which means more than a dozen cameras: 9 on-shoulder cameras covering each of the key talent members, 10 POV cameras movedRead More