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REVIEW: Sonnet Qio High-Speed File Transport Center

by IEBA on Jan.11, 2012, under Published Articles

Sonnet has crafted a beautiful solution for rapid footage offload that gives your laptop far more connectivity, power, and capability than ever before. The system is solid, and in pure professional parlance, it does what it says it can do. The Qio is, according to Anthony Burokas, the most useful professional video production accessory for a laptop-enabled tapeless live production workflow that you can get.
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ARTICLE: Anthony reviews the Sonnet Qio for EventDV Magazine

by IEBA on Apr.28, 2010, under Published Articles

I had the opportunity to review the new Sonnet Qio for EventDV magazine and was surprised to find that every one of its lofty engineering goals seems to have been attained. This is noteworthy in this day and age when everything touts to be the perfect solution to our needs (the perfect camera, the perfect light, the perfect software package) yet they all seem to fall short in many places (low light capability, flexibility, codec compatibility, etc.)
The Qio is the first product in a long time that not only does everything it says it will, it does it all well. (continue reading…)

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