Anthony Directs Healthy Flavors for PBS

HFphilaIMG_0166smTook a quick trip back up to Philly to not only set up and engineer a few episodes of Healthy Flavors for Multi Media Productions, but I also directed both shows. Feedback from the clients on hand was excellent.

The familiar team was assembled for this shoot: Bob Terrio was on camera, Larry Bossone was on crane. We added the new MMP freelancer on camera 2 and he did a fine job. Everyone handled setting up and shooting in a new, unfamiliar location with ease.

I also was able to put MMP’s new mobile recording setup to use for the first time. An AJA io captured the full HD video and converted it internally to ProRes 422, which was piped over FireWire to a 17″ MacBook Pro which had gobs of internal hard drive space so we recorded it internally. The internal SATA drive is also wicked fast so we had no issues with recording internally. Here’s an image of our entire mobile studio, including audio and quad-split preview, and video scopes on program output.


Cooking up a good show with the new mobile setup!

Originally scheduled to be shot in the Aramark kitchen, I found a demonstration area adjacent to the kitchen that looked 1000x better, and also enabled the kitchen prep crew to keep working while we shot. With Apologies to Aramark, we pilfered posters, plants, baskets, dishwasher racks, tablecloths and more to dress up the set and make it look even more homey. Ironically, they liked how I dressed up the wall and said they would leave the cooking artwork there because, well, it really does look good where I put it.

The Aramark Show kitchen, partially decorated.

The Aramark Show kitchen, partially decorated.

At the end of the shoot, we put most everything back and, with help from Aramark staff, you’d be hard-pressed to know we were there at all. That’s how we do it. :)

Photos by Bob Terrio.